How to Install AceStream on Different Devices

Acestream is only available for Android and Windows, so you must have a Windows PC or any Android device to install Ace Player HD and watch your desired content. To get Acestream on Windows and Android, follow these simple guides from below:

How to Install Acestream on Windows?

  • Visit on Chrome, Firefox or any other browser
  • Download Ace Player HD app.
  • Install the Player on your Windows device, accepting the license agreement.
  • Uncheck “‘Visit Ace Stream website and test the installed software’’ box if you don’t want to test the app, and continue to use the app.
  • Launch Ace Player and Select Media.
  • Select “Open Ace Stream Content ID” and enter the Content ID of your desired channel into the box.
  • Hit Play.

How to Install Acestream on Android?

  1. Visit from your Android device
  2. Download Ace Player from the website or search directly in the Play Store
  3. Install the Player on your Android device
  4. Launch Ace Player
  5. Click on the menu on the top-right corner and select Enter Content ID and enter the Content ID of your desired channel into the box.
  6. Hit Open

How to install Acestream on Mac

Although Acestream is only compatible with Windows and Android, you can actually use Soda Player to watch Acestream channels content.

  • Download & Install Soda Player from here
  • Copy/Paste the media player to your Applications folder
  • Launch Soda Player and add an Acestream URL/Content ID
  • Enjoy streaming your desired content via AceStream Mac Player.

How to install Acestream on Kodi

You can also use Acestream in Kodi via the Plexus Kodi plug-in. The process to install the Plexus plug-in is simple. After you have the plug-in, you can add your Acestream links to the plug-in to start streaming. Use a Kodi VPN when sending in Kodi, as this is not safe and can put you in trouble for copyright infringement if you ship with unofficial Kodi add-ons.

Here is how to do that:

  • Launch Kodi, go to Settings, Select File Manager and then click on Add Source
  • Select <NONE> option and paste this URL >
  • Click Ok and enter a name for the repository i.e. “LazyKodi
  • Hit OK and return to Kodi main screen
  • Now Choose Add-ons and then hit on Add-on Installer (box icon) from the top left corner
  • Choose Install from Zip file and select LazyKodi > Repositories Androidaba > Repositories >
  • Select to add it to your repository
  • Click Install from Repository> .Kodil Repository > Select Program Add-ons > Plexus > and hit Install
  • Return to Kodi main screen, choose add-ons and launch Plexus
  • To livestream sports on Plexus AceStream add-on, Select AceStream: Play AceStream hash/Torrent URL> Copy a Content ID from out list below and Paste it here.
  • That’s it, wait for the stream to begin, and enjoy.

How to install Acestream on Linux


It’s easy to use in Windows, and there used to be an Android app installable from the Play Store but it’s been removed, possibly because of the association of the solution with piracy. But just like Kodi, it’s up to do what you want to use it for. Using Ace Player was easy in Ubuntu up to version 14.04 thanks to a ppa, but with Ubuntu 16.04 it become a little more complicated as you had to installed the engine (that’s manage P2P connectivity) from a ppa, download some binaries from another source, and integrate all that with Kodi.

That would work, but since you normally have to copy/paste an Ace Stream content ID (e.g. e816ef1a6206bc0b5e6b95e1f84b185a78d7ad81), and Kodi does not support copy/paste it’s not ideal. I think there’s a reddit scrapper add-on to automatically get the ID, but I did not try it. Another solution was to install the Windows version in Linux using Wine, again not ideal, and I would not always work.

But recently, I found out a snap was released for it, and now everything is much easier in newer versions of Ubuntu or Linux Mint. So I could install it in Ubuntu 16.04.

Installation is done ?

Now you can launch the engine in the background:

and run Ace Player HD from the command line:

or the dash. You’ll need to find an Acestream content ID for what you want to watch using a search engine or specific site with the stream you are interested in.

AceStream Working Links – How to find AceStream Updated Links?

There are different ways of getting acestream working links but today I am posting here some methods to access directly acestream links.

1) discord –  with daily updated AceStream links